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Rotherham Golf Club is accepting applications for all categories. We encourage people to apply where you will have the option to join the waiting list or our transitional category of 6-day membership (excludes Saturdays). 

We also have a Country Membership available to those who belong to another Golf Club and who live more than 50 miles from Rotherham Golf Club.

The Club is a champion of junior golfers, who we appreciate are our full members of the future, many of whom we hope will go on to represent the club in senior competitions.

To this end, we offer desirable rates to young players in these categories and we have Immediate vacancies for Membership for those in the age groups: under 12; 12-14; 15-17.

Click the junior section on this website for more details about the benefits of being a junior member.

Being a member of Rotherham Golf Club is a rewarding experience. There are many attractions to playing golf in Thrybergh Park, not least the picturesque setting, wonderful course, and imposing clubhouse.

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If you wish to be considered for Membership please download and complete the appropriate application and forward via e-mail to: gm@rotherhamgolfclub.com.


Membership Prices 2024

Full Playing Member  £1495.00

Country  £785.00
Age 26 - 30  £1000.00
Age 21 - 25  £725.00
Age 18 - 20  £450.00
Age 13 - 17 £250.00
Age 12 & Under  £150.00

Social  £50.00


Membership Application Forms

Full Playing Membership Form 

Junior Membership Form

Country Membership Form    

Thrybergh Hall Social Membership Form

If you have any queries about membership, please email gm@rotherhamgolfclub.com or call us at 01709 850466.

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Membership Application Process

Upon receipt of a completed Application form, the form will be posted on the Club Website for a period of four weeks to allow any members who wish to comment to do so.

We will then conduct a short interview at the Club, for male applicants that is usually with the Chairman and The Club Captain. Interviews are usually held at the Club on a weekday evening.

For female applicants this is usually with our Lady Captain and another designated member from our Ladies Section.

The subscription is on an annual basis and runs concurrently with the calendar year with the addition of the Annual Membership Subscription for the England Golf Association, the Yorkshire and Sheffield Golf Union and the English Ladies Golf Association as appropriate.

On reaching the age of 30, or if 30 years of age or above on joining, there is also a joining fee of £1000.  This is payable either as a one-off 20% discounted lump sum of £800 or alternatively over a maximum of 5 years at £200 per annum.

Those joining the Club who are aged 25-29 years of age will make a part payment of 50% of the joining fee which would currently be £500, again this can be payable as a one-off discounted lump sum of £400 or over a maximum of 5 years at £100 per annum.  The balance of any joining fee will then be payable on reaching age 30.

When the full joining fee has been paid the member will be obliged to purchase a £1 share in Rotherham Golf Club Ltd, enabling them to have voting rights and the ability to take office.

All members receive a Discount Card which enables you to purchase food and drink from the club at a discount.

We work with a company called Golf Credit, who provides a monthly financing scheme the amount payable would depend on what time of year you joined. The system is designed to take 10 equal payments from February to October. Anyone joining later i.e. in May would pay an increased amount over a reduced number of months, so the full amount is paid by November.

The Membership category subscriptions are reviewed annually and set by the Board for each calendar year. During the course of the year subscriptions, reduce and new members may join at the rates detailed below.

Joining period - Percentage of the annual subscription due:

1st January to 31st May - 100%
1st June to 31st July - 75%
1st to 31st August - 50%
1st to 30th September - 40%
1st to 31st October - 30%
1st to 30th November - 20% of the current year plus 100% of the subsequent year’s subscription
1st to 31st December - 10% of the current year plus 100% of the subsequent year’s subscription

In all cases, the English/Yorkshire/Sheffield Golf Union subscriptions will be added as appropriate.